Issue 6

Jean-Thomas Tremblay and Rebekah Sheldon, Introduction

Tony Wei Ling, Circa 198X: Superpose, Science Fiction Histories, and the Trans Child

Julie Beaulieu, Reading Histories of the Transgender Child from the Transmasculine Borderlands

Julia Sinclair-Palm, What Does the Trans Child Offer to Childhood and Youth Studies?

Rebekah Sheldon, Listening/Loving/Liking

Jean-Thomas Tremblay, Poetics of Gender Self-Determination

Mary Zaborskis, Trans Innocence

Travis Chi Wing Lau, Conserving Trans Life

Jules Gill-Peterson, On Wanting Trans Women and Children (For Better or For Worse)

Issue 5

Jason S. Farr, The Queer Kinship of Our Literary Lives: A Tribute to My Uncle Joe LeSueur
Jason Pearl, Tropical Landscape with Skaters
Katherine Gaudet, How Not to Know; Or, Hack Your Student Evals with this One Weird Trick
Maria Frawley, Jane Austen, On Sabbatical
Bethany Qualls, Twitter Accounts I’d Like to Make
Mira Assaf Kafantaris, Why the Brits Can’t Keep Calm and Carry On About the Royal Baby
Erin Severson, Swikipedia
Dandi Meng, Dickinson’s Luxury
Alexandra L. Milsom, Tourists of Eden
Issue 4

Susan Harlan, Front Porch
Douglas Dowland, Nationalism and the Limits of Inquiry
Jenny Davidson, Pamela Weaponized
Rachel Feder, Brightly Starred
Elaine McGirr, Boris Johnson is a Fictional Character
James Robert Wood, T. H. White's Anecdotal Eighteenth Century
Keil Shaub, Proposals, on Behalf of An Elective Global Canon
Marcie Frank, The Novel in Two Parts
Emily MacLeod, Leap
Issue Valentine, 2019

Crystal B. Lake, Love, Labor, Loss
J. Brendan Shaw, Drinking Tea Alone with Friends
Kathleen Tamayo Alves, Psycho (But Cute)
Emily Hodgson Anderson, Taming
Sarah Moon, A Love Letter for Anne of Green Gables
Travis Chi Wing Lau, William Hay; Or, An Obsession
Sarah Tindal Kareem, An Annotated Playlist for David Hume
Emily Corwin, Antidote: A Tale of Two Valentines

Issue 3

Urvashi Chakravarty, The Problem of Civility: A Genealogy
Emily Weissbourd, Lee Garrett, The Bachelorette’s Incompetent Iago
Carol Mejia LaPerle, Suiicide and State Power at the Columbus Statehouse and in Othello
Jane Hwang Degenhardt, Between Shakespeare, the World, and Me
Henry Turner, Pragmatism, Race, and the Collective Subject in Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors
Mira Assaf Kafantaris, Meghan Markle, Good English Housewife
Meghan E. Hall, Allies and Friends: The Women’s March and Alice Curwen’s Quaker Testimonial
Elisa Oh, To Encounter the Muse
Leighla Khansari, “Letter Boxes:” On Muslim Women and Inconstancy in the Early Modern Period
Emily Lathrop, Teaching and Taming: On Bianca in The Taming of the Shrew and #MeToo
Kirsten Mendoza, A Pre-Colonial Take on the 2018 Filipino Pro-Woman Bill
Issue 2

Leigh-Michil George, How It Feels to Be Colored Me in the Long 18th C
Claire McEachern, The Conscience of an English Major
Andrew Strombeck, The Machine, the Garden, and the Hollow
Anonymous, I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the V21 Manifesto
Lucia Whalen, Snooki Wrote That Op-Ed
Jessica Roberson, DIY Claude Glasses
Matthew M. Reeve, Living in the New, New Middle Ages
Matthew Rigilano, Insensibly Led
Lillian Lu, “Indelible in the Hippocampus”
Corey Goergen, Liking Beer
Issue 1

Emily Hodgson Anderson, Shadow Work
Vincent Haddad, Destroy: Frankenstein for the BLM Movement
Lona Manning, Lit-Fic-Rev-Engine
Judith Pascoe, Happy Birthday to Emily Brontë, A Very Nasty Woman
Tita Chico, Books I'd Like to Write!
Caroline Hovanec, Immigrant Birds
Angelina Del Balzo, Outlander: Making Scotland Great Again?
Meredith Wallis, After Dark in the Playing Fields

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