Issue 2

Leigh-Michil George, How It Feels to Be Colored Me in the Long 18th C
Claire McEachern, The Conscience of an English Major
Andrew Strombeck, The Machine, the Garden, and the Hollow
Anonymous, I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the V21 Manifesto
Lucia Whalen, Snooki Wrote That Op-Ed
Jessica Roberson, DIY Claude Glasses
Matthew M. Reeve, Living in the New, New Middle Ages
Matthew Rigilano, Insensibly Led
Lillian Lu, “Indelible in the Hippocampus”
Corey Goergen, Liking Beer

Issue 1

Emily Hodgson Anderson, Shadow Work
Vincent Haddad, Destroy: Frankenstein for the BLM Movement
Lona Manning, Lit-Fic-Rev-Engine
Judith Pascoe, Happy Birthday to Emily Brontë, A Very Nasty Woman
Tita Chico, Books I'd Like to Write!
Caroline Hovanec, Immigrant Birds
Angelina Del Balzo, Outlander: Making Scotland Great Again?
Meredith Wallis, After Dark in the Playing Fields

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