Who is The Rambling? Sarah Tindal Kareem and Crystal B. Lake co-founded The Rambling in the summer of 2018. Although they’re both “long eighteenth centuryists,” they are also both quite short in real life.

Bethany Johnsen and Tony Wei Ling are The Rambling’s Managing Editors. We were lucky to have had Samantha Morse and Margueritte Happe on board as previous Managing Editors and Jacquelyn Ardam as The Rambling’s first Social Media Editor.

Czarina Divinagracia designed The Rambling’s original website in 2018. Junior Bustamante currently serves as its website designer.

We are grateful for the support provided by the Dean’s Discretionary Fund from UCLA College’s Division of the Humanities.

Why is The Rambling? Sarah and Crystal love the long eighteenth century, but they also love rambling far afield from their academic, um, fields. They started The Rambling in order to give writers a wide space in which they could feel free to ramble, too, and hopefully meet new fellow ramblers along the way. They’ve written more about what “rambling” means to them and why they started The Rambling here.

What does The Rambling publish? We will consider publishing anything (poems, short stories, parodies, lists, reviews, interviews), but we especially like publishing short essays of around 2,000 words in length that approach historical, literary, or philosophical topics in an accessible, experimental, public-facing, personal, polemical and/or peripatetic way.

How do I pitch The Rambling? Email us or fill out this short form. Feel free to send along fully-developed pitches, completed works, or just a few sentences expressing an idea for our consideration. We try to respond to pitches within a month of receipt, but if you don’t hear from us, please feel free to reach out again in case your pitch somehow got lost along the way. We mean it; if we haven’t responded to your pitch positively or negatively, email us again.

Where is The Rambling? It skiphops between Los Angeles, CA and Dayton, OH. The Rambling also gallivants on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If you find it roaming somewhere else, definitely let us know.

When is The Rambling? Right now, The Rambling publishes at the leisure of its editors, but we aim to release about four issues every year.

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